About Hope Channel New Zealand

Welcome to Hope Channel New Zealand! We are here to serve our community and spread the hope found in Jesus Christ. Our programming is built around three L’s –

Live More – life is best when we live vibrant, strong, healthy lives. Hope Channel New Zealand broadcasts programming that inspires all of us to good physical, mental and spiritual health. Together, we can live life to the full!

Love More – love is the heart of Christianity, love gives our lives meaning and love restores us. That is why we put love right in the middle of our programming. We broadcast shows that explore love in a practical, authentic way that all of us can appreciate and emulate. We aim to lives full of the love for each other and the community.

Learn More – knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom. Hope Channel New Zealand is committed to broadcasting the most thoughtful and knowledgeable presenters to help us learn more about God and to creating original programming that delves into fascinating spiritual subjects, people and places. The more we learn about God and the beautifully complex universe He created, the closer we can come to fulfilling His plan for our life.

Hope Channel New Zealand isn’t just a TV station. We’re about building real spiritual community in every region, town and city in New Zealand. We want every Kiwi to find a spiritual home where living more, loving more and learning more are key components of an active, spirit-filled life. Won’t you come on this spiritual journey with us?