Broadcasting Standards Authority

The Broadcasting Act 1989 requires every broadcaster to be responsible for maintaining in its programmes and their presentation, standards which are consistent with:
a) The observance of good taste and decency
b) The maintenance of law and order
c) The privacy of the individual
d) The principle that when controversial issues of public importance are discussed, reasonable efforts are made, or reasonable opportunities are given, to present significant points of view, either in the same programme or in other programmes within the period of current interest
e) Any approved Code of Broadcasting Practice applied to programmes.

Formal complaints must be in writing (post, email or online form) and need to be lodged with the broadcaster within 20 working days of the broadcast.

You need to provide the following details about the programme:

  • the date of the broadcast
  • the time of the broadcast
  • the title of the programme
  • the channel or station which broadcast the programme

You also need to explain which broadcasting standards you think have been breached, and why.
For an overview of the standards:
Go to Codes and Standards

For help with choosing the right standard, including some examples:
Go to Choosing a Standard

If you wish to make a complaint to Hope Channel New Zealand, please complete the contact form on this page.

For full Standards guidelines, visit Code of Broadcasting Practice

Lodge a complaint using this form