Living Well

Free 13 Part Series

Living Well equips you with practical ways to improve your quality of life through better health.

With insights from the latest lifestyle medicine research, learn how to combat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, obesity and a range of other health conditions through a holistic approach to living.

Study Topics

  • Welcome to the start of great health
  • Essentials of choosing healthy food
  • Understanding cardiovascular disease
  • Preventing and reversing diabetes
  • What we do know about cancer
  • Exploring plant-based diets
  • How to maintain a healthy weight
  • How to exercise smart
  • All about alcohol and caffeine
  • Why hydration and rest are underrated
  • Sunlight and intestinal bacteria
  • Keys to emotional health
  • Caring for your spiritual wellbeing

Once you have finished the studies you will have a great reference resource of 13 booklets that are yours to keep.

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